When the Gospel Infiltrates the Culture

When The Gospel Infiltrates The Culture Podcast uses the familiar (R&B and Hip Hop classics) to teach about the unfamiliar ( the Word of God) with hopes of reaching those who will never attend church with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When the Gospel Infiltrates the Culture Devotional,

What makes the When The Gospel Infiltrates Culture Podcast unique is the accompanying devotional. This will allows listeners to have a tangible resource to grow in their faith.

Quintrell Hollis

Quintrell Hollis is a Senior Consultant and leadership coach of K. Jewel Consulting, LLC. A well-known analyst and strategist to non-profit and religious organizations, he has worked with clients to develop unique approaches to specific challenges found in their organizations. Quintrell has worked as a researcher, interim pastor, and served in a number of leadership positions for non-profit organizations. Using professionally developed assessment tools, he has introduced the concepts of organizational intelligence and evidence-based discernment into organizations with a spiritual mission.

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